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Website Design

We create simple and dynamic websites. Our sites are elegant and pleasing to the user while easy for you to update and edit. Our clients always come back to us for all they’re future projects.

Branding & Naming

We make logos. We design flyers, posters, and web ads. We also can help you name your business, organization, or group all while finding the perfect domain for you.

Site Management

Does the thought of maintaining a website give you a headache? We’re here to help! For an affordable monthly price, we’ll keep your website up to date by editing your content and keeping your files safe.



We keep our prices as low as possible and are the most competitive you’ll find anywhere for the quality of work we produce. And we guarantee you’ll love what we create, or we’ll refund your money.

Ease of Use

We build all of our sites on WordPress, and because of that the backend is extremely user friendly. And once your site is created, we’ll walk you through exactly how to manage and edit every part.


We provide full support on all of our websites once we have completed the project. We’re here to help, not to leave you stranded. If you ever run into any issues, we’ll help you find answers.

Creative Designs

Our design team works hard to create the most elegant designs on the market. So, you can always be sure your website will be the best looking thing in the room… if it’s a room full of computer screens.

Responsive Design

Our designs are fully responsive to tablets, phones, or any mobile device. That means your website will look great on any screen and you’re not paying extra money for mobile development.

Security and Backups

We offer the option for you to let us protect your website from malware or viruses. Along with that we can help you back up your site and all your files, so even if your server crashes all your files will be safe.


I love the way Simple Web was able to take my vision for my site and make it even better. The site they created for me is beautiful, user-friendly, and so easy for me to update and customize.

Elle Campbell

Blogger, ellecampbell.org

Simple Web was an amazing help in getting my portfolio visible to the modern client. They made things clear and, well, simple for me to understand. Future clients should know that you’re getting the most bang for your buck. Plus a stunning, multi-platform website that is sure to boost any business or blog.  

Josh Ward

Graphic Designer, YupItsJosh

Basically, I needed someone who could read my mind and make stuff happen. SW is good with that. Simple Web made what I had to offer, better. They gave me what my imagination wanted and took the pain out–which made it so much more fun to develop my site.
Brooklyn Lindsey

Speaker, Writer

Frequently Asked Questions

Maybe you have some questions. Maybe you don’t even know what you need – that’s ok! Here are some frequently asked questions that we tend to receive. If you are looking for prices, you can find those on each of the “Services” pages in the menu at the top of the page.

What Can I Do With a Website You Make?

You can blog, sell things, build a calendar, display google maps, register people for events, and even display your videos, photos, and audio.We can probably do anything you’d ever need for your website.

What Is Your Turn Around Time?

Turn around time is usually 7 to 10 days. Once we get the website back to you, you can request as many revisions as you would like.

What Do I Do About Maintaining My Website?

After we finish your website, we’ll walk you through how to maintain it. All of our websites are built on WordPress, which means they’re extremely user friendly and easy to use. If the thought of maintaining it yourself seems overwhelming, we also offer Site Management services here.

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